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The CRTC: Be Prepared to Stand Out

The Concord Regional Technical Center has been connecting high school students to colleges and careers for more than 40 years. Enrolling almost 700 public, private and home-schooled students from nine area school districts, the CRTC offers 12 Career Pathway programs designed to get students to focus on their futures by:

  • Helping them to set their career path
  • Showing them how to strategically plan their education to meet those career goals
  • Teaching them the kinds of college- and career-ready skills they’ll need to be successful

All high school students will face some big life decisions come graduation day. To learn how CRTC Career Pathway education can prepare you for that moment:

  • Explore this Website
  • Talk to your School Counselor
  • Contact the CRTC for more information

Connect with us today and learn how the CRTC can help you to “Be Prepared to Stand Out!”


CRTC students can earn college credits at little or no cost through Early College and Running Start


CRTC students can earn internationally-recognized industry certifications and professional licensure

Career Experience

CRTC students gain jobsite experience through internships, job shadows and work-based learning

A Competitive

CRTC students gain 21st century technical and professional skills that prepare them for success.

What Students, Parents & Alumni are Saying

In the end it is not our opinion that matters. See what our students, parents, and alumni are saying about CRTC.

"For me, CRTC is a game changer. I went from having to go to school to wanting to go to school."

Marion Bradbury, Computer Engineering, Kearsarge Regional High School

"As parents to two CRTC graduates, we are beyond thrilled with what CRTC has offered our two eldest girls, and look forward to the opportunities waiting for our CHS freshman."

Kerry Barton, CRTC Parent

"Participating in CRTC Health Science was, without a doubt, the most important career step I could possibly have taken in high school."

Heather Stiles ‘15, RN at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD


of CRTC students surveyed said they have a high level of interest in their CRTC program.


of CRTC students surveyed agreed that their teacher is passionate about the subject matter.


of CRTC students surveyed agreed that their teacher cares about their academic performance and personal success


of CRTC students surveyed said their CRTC program content was relevant to their lives and future career plans


of CRTC students surveyed were satisfied with the amount of hands-on “applied” learning in their programs.


increase in CRTC student enrollment over the past decade while regional high school enrollment has declined by 17%


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