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A Message from Our Principal

Are you ready to jumpstart your future? Are you prepared to stand out from the crowd of high school graduates? Do you want to leave high school with college credits, industry certifications and an experience-based story to tell college recruiters and future employers?

If so, then maybe you’re ready to come and join us at the Concord Regional Technical Center.

Today’s more targeted form of Career and Technical Education is designed to help students to succeed in high school, college and beyond. Nationwide:

  • 95% of students enrolled in CTE programs graduate high school – 10% greater than the national average.
  • More than 78% of CTE graduates go on to college full time – 8% higher than the national average.

Since 1980, the CRTC has helped thousands of students from nine Concord area high schools earn a tremendous head start, as well as a competitive edge, as they move forward into college and careers.

At the CRTC, we teach students how to take a more strategic approach to their high school education, working with them to identify interests, strengths and talents, and developing a plan that will incorporate these into a workable pathway to success.

This website presents some highlights of our 12 modern programs designed to target essential career skills and knowledge, and provide students with the opportunity to gain workplace exposure and earn industry-recognized certifications, college credits and/or career-specific training hours.

You’ll also read testimonials from some of our current and past students as they tell you about how the CRTC experience has helped them visualize their goals, focus their efforts, and transform their grades, attitudes and ambitions.

The CRTC website, Facebook pages, and other social media sites, provide more information about our programs and tell you how to participate in upcoming school informational presentations. This website also shows you how to apply to the CRTC, connect with our staff, and learn more about our teachers and in-house student businesses.

What the website doesn’t show you, however, is how committed we are to your success. We work closely with each student to plan their education, target their career experience, and map out the road ahead so that each CRTC graduate will leave high school knowing where they’re going and understanding how to get there.

So if you’re looking for an authentic education that will enable you to graduate high school with college credits, industry experience, and a career-readiness toolbox filled with employability skills, then explore this website, stop by our office or talk to your guidance counselor and find out how to apply.

After all, it’s your education – isn’t it about time you made it work for you?

Sincerely, Principal Anne Fowler

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