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Graphic Design & Creative Media

Program Highlights

In our Graphic Design & Creative Media program you will:

  • Master the Adobe Creative Cloud Software Suite used by most all the world’s top professional visual designers and artists.
  • Acquire internationally recognized Adobe Associates Certificates to confirm your abilities to employers and colleges.
  • Work in our cutting-edge design lab doing commercial projects involving color theory, graphic design and digital illustration.
  • Participate in a formal critique process modeled on industry.
  • Engage in projects on graphic design, typography, page layout,motion graphics, web design and art theory in our cutting edge design lab.
  • Assemble, with the guidance of industry experts, a professional portfolio of your best work to prepare for post-secondary and industry
  • Develop final products involving motion graphics, logos, web design, UX/UI design and printing (including digital direct-to-garment t-shirt printing)

What You Can Learn

Adobe Photoshop // Illustrator // InDesign // PremeierePro // After Effects // Dimensions // Bridge // XD // UX/UI Design

What You Can Become

(with additional education and training)
Advertising/Marketing // Digital Illustrator // Entry Level Animator // Graphic Designer // Logo Designer // Package Designer // Print Publications Designer // Website Designer // UI/UX Designer

What You Can Earn

12 Credits for 4 College Courses in This Pathway // Adobe Associate Certifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro

Parallel Expectations

Art (Color Theory), Computer Courses, Geometry

Effective Communicator including Presentation Skills

Tom Mungovan


Teaching is a true love of mine. I have taught over 30 different graphic design, illustration, software, color theories and art history classes at the college and high school levels for 20 years now. I am an artist, graphic designer, writer, drummer, teacher, learner, entrepreneur, father and husband and am seemingly cloaked in virtual opaqueness. I can be at times a very complicated person that uses sarcastic humor and razor sharp wit as a tool to get inside people’s heads. A Dreamer am I. I am stubborn. I am both selfish and selfless. I always fight for the underdog no matter the situation. I have a knack for bringing people together. I believe my role as an educator and leader is to be that of a helper or guide as opposed to an authority figure. I feel this way, because I think students and people in general learn better when you show them the way of learning, instead of just giving them the easy way out. As I act as a guide, I provide the directions to information rather than just be the source of knowledge. I believe the students’ search for what they need to know and want to know is better met if they learn to find answers to their own questions.

My personal teaching style provides an opportunity for continual learning and growth and allows me to share my passion for learning with them. I teach to give students and staff the necessary tools with which to own their own education. To do that as an educator, I help them meet their individual needs to reach their highest potential in the areas I specifically teach and direct them in. I believe “authentic learning situations” are best for students to develop knowledge skills. By providing students access to hands-on activities and allowing adequate time and space to use materials that reinforce the lesson being studied creates an opportunity for individual discovery and construction of knowledge to occur. I do not believe that a student’s intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat data or that truth comes from authority. I do not see a healthy learning environment where students are forced to conform intellectually or socially. As an artist and educator I want to be free thinking and allowed to create as I wish, but as a decent human being I follow rules and order to allow for such things to take place.

I am also a published author, “Heavy Metal Speaks” and co-author of “The Screenplay Workbook”, currently published by Random House. I have written 29 books of surrealistic style poetry and have penned numerous dramatic and comedic screenplays, available on In addition, I previously owned and operated Van-Mungo Graphics from 1994-2014, it was a graphic design, illustration and printing business located in Southern NH. As founder of NH Drum Festival, I have created and introduced such nation only events as Drum Fun, Bass Solo Fun, Rhythm Fun, Local Echoes, Drumline Stick Tricks and Drum Trio Experiments, which is a local cable access TV Show simply because there was a need to bring community together in a unique way. I hide from myself to protect myself from myself. I am shy. I am outgoing. I am funny. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you.


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