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Parent Endorsements

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Christine Musial Haley

“As the parent of a 2019 alum (Automotive Technology) and a current, second-year student (Construction Trades) I can not express how essential the CRTC is for our community. My oldest is beginning his sophomore year at SUNY in Cobleskill for Diesel Technology, and my youngest will be enlisting in the Navy Seabees to train as a welder. Without the CRTC, neither of these dreams would have had such a solid foundation to build upon.”

Kerry Barton

“We are parents to two proud CRTC graduates: a 2019 Health Science graduate who’s now a sophomore at Springfield College, and our middle daughter, who was accepted into the Theater & Film program as a freshman, and hopes to pursue a BFA in Musical Theater after high school graduation. We are beyond thrilled with what CRTC has offered our two eldest girls, and look forward to the opportunities waiting for our rising CHS freshman.”

Sheila Dwyer Serrano

“My daughter is a CRTC graduate of the Theater & Film program, and I also have a son starting his first year in the Culinary & Pastry Arts program. CRTC programs are top notch and the hands-on, real-life experiences the teachers weave into these courses are what makes CRTC programs so amazing. My daughter is now enrolled in college and will focus on teaching and theater. Her time in the Theater & Film program was a huge success. Not only did her acting and improv greatly improve, but her understanding of what it takes to be an actor was clearly defined. She gained tremendous confidence and had the time of her life in this program!

“My son is a hands on learner. He loves to cook and is really looking forward to learning how to cook well enough to gain employment as a chef. I just can’t say enough about the CRTC and how important it is for every child in it. You cannot gain this type of hands-on training with teachers who are masters in the trade anywhere else!”

Ashlee Fye

“My son Noah participated in the Graphic Design Program for two years with CRTC. I can’t empathize enough how beneficial this program has been to Noah and many of his classmates. Noah is now a Graphic Design student at Johnson and Wales University where he made Deans List each semester. His professors have shared with him how impressed they are with the knowledge, skills, and preparedness that he has brought with him thanks to the CRTC Graphic Design program, which allowed him access to state of the art technology. Noah continues to reach out to his CRTC teacher for advice and guidance and always receives a response. A very heartfelt thank you to the CRTC Graphic Design program, particularly Mr. Mungovan, for all you have done and continue to do for Noah.”

Stephen Fifield

“I am the parent of a student who will be attending CTRC this fall in the Automotive program. My son has an IEP and attends John Stark Regional High school. Initially, I had some concerns as to how he would be able to do in the program. I work for Banks Chevrolet in Concord and we have students from the program intern at our dealership on a regular basis. I spoke with our service manager about what he knew of the program and how my son might fit in. Without hesitation he asked me if I had a few minutes and called (CRTC Automotive Technology teacher) Scott Mayotte. Scott spent the next half hour on the phone with me where he answered all of my questions and put my fears aside. He also sent me a list of vocabulary words for us to start working on over the summer.”

Rose Marie Joly

“My daughter, Evelyn, completed two years of the CRTC Acting program with Clint Klose, during her freshman and sophomore years. This program enabled her to work on her craft in a way that simply auditioning for and performing in shows would not have. She is now planning to major in musical theater in college, and her years of learning in CRTC have given her a great foundation for that next level of education. Beyond the skills that are taught, Clint creates a terrific, positive learning environment for these kids, providing them with a community within the CHS community. It is an incredibly valuable program.”

Sue Gilbert

“My oldest went through the CRTC Computer Engineering program and graduated in 2019. He walked away from high school with 18 college credits! My middle child is going into his first year of the Construction Trades program this year. I am excited for the opportunity for him to try out a future career path. It was my own vocational program in high school that lead me down the path of Residential Construction Project Management and I am forever grateful.”

Dawn Revellese

“I am a proud parent of a 2020 CHS graduate who participated in the Theater & Film program. Our daughter excelled with the program and earned herself a spot at a top 10 school this fall for musical theater. CRTC takes kids who know what they want to do and pushes them to reach their goals. This is an immensely powerful and important program.”

Cara Peterson

“My daughter attends CRTC for Cosmetology and she couldn’t be happier! Every day she comes home with a big smile and tells us all about what she’s learned. The CRTC has boosted her confidence and taken her out of her shell. I can’t believe the change! She is becoming more social and really looks forward to going to school each day. You might not realize the impact that you have made in this girl’s life, but it is HUGE!!”

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