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  • What is Career and Technical Education?
  • What is the Concord Regional Technical Center?
  • What is “The CRTC Advantage”?
  • What is CRTC+?
  • Is there a cost for attending the CRTC?
  • Who can attend the CRTC?
  • How can I get involved?

Discover what CTE can offer your student

It’s time to take a fresh look at Career and Technical Education – you’ll be surprised at what you discover. Learn how CTE has become the smart choice for college- and career-focused high school students in the 21st century. Our students learn to become truly invested in their education as they plan and prepare for postsecondary success at universities, community colleges, trade schools, military and career employment.

What is Career and Technical Education?

What is the Concord Regional Technical Center?

The Concord Regional Technical Center has become the premiere career connection point for more than 730 students attending from nine Concord-area high schools. The eleven targeted Career Pathway programs offered at the CRTC use state-of-the-art equipment and are guided by the latest industry standards that enable us to provide students with a hands-on experience in an authentic environment that is designed to prepare them for 21st century success in both college and the workplace.

What is “The CRTC Advantage”?


Career and Technical Education is the smart way to graduate with more than just a high school diploma. Our mission at the CRTC is to prepare students to become agile, lifelong learners, self-driven to continuously improve their skills, knowledge and professional traits to be successful in a demanding and rapidly evolving 21st century economy. The CRTC provides students with a distinct advantage by actively guiding them to take a strategic approach to their high school and early college education.


CRTC Students Have a Great Story to Tell:

  • College Ready — Earn up to 16 college credits during high school through our dual enrollment opportunities and agreements with colleges such as SNHU, NHTI, and Lakes Region and Manchester Community Colleges
  • Professionally Skilled — Earn internationally-recognized industry certifications and licenses such as OSHA 10, ServSafe, Snap-On, Homeland Security, CompTia, Adobe Associate, PRO-ACT, Cuccio Nails, ASE, LNA, EMT and Firefighter I
  • Workplace Ready — Develop the valued skills top employers seek by participating in job shadows and internships, meeting accomplished professionals, running our in-house businesses, interacting with customers and clients, competing statewide, and assuming student leadership roles
  • Focused — Receive personalized college and career guidance – including college and industry site tours, as well as detailed performance feedback from CRTC teachers, most of whom are accomplished industry professionals with long careers and robust network connections in their chosen field
  • Engaged — Work hand-in-hand, befriend and learn from fellow students (from nine high schools) who share similar interests and ambitions

What is CRTC+?

Our seniors can take control of their senior year and jumpstart their futures!

CRTC+ puts our students in charge of building the kind of senior year that will give them a head start on their college and career plans. While they remain a full-time high school student (with all associated privileges), we work with them to create a customized schedule that goes beyond their mainstream high school classes by blending advanced coursework with deep work-based learning experiences. CRTC+ students attain an unmistakable sense of pride, purpose and maturity by taking control of their education and career development.

Your CRTC+ experience can be a mix of any of the following options:

  • Replace regular high school class(es) with on-campus “Early College” CCSNH class(es) specifically in your career pathway
  • Work an expanded internship or pre-apprenticeship
  • Pursue an advanced, industry-recognized certificate
  • Assume an expanded role in our in-house businesses
  • Enroll in our customized CRTC Career Communications English class for .5 or 1 English credit

Is there a cost for attending the CRTC?

Students attend the CRTC tuition free with no cost for transportation

Who can attend the CRTC?

Student Eligibility: Most CRTC students are juniors or seniors, but each year we accept a handful of motivated sophomores to selected programs. Be sure to apply early, as slots in popular programs fill up quickly. Most students apply before March 1, enrollment is awarded in April. Home schooled and charter school students from our region also are eligible to attend the CRTC.

How can I get involved?

Here are some of the ways you can join the CRTC community:

  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Become an unofficial CRTC ambassador by talking to your friends, neighbors and coworkers about modern Career and Technical Education
  • Fill out this short survey to let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see us do better
  • Fill out this form to become a member of our new Parent/Guardian Advisory Group, which will meet twice a school year to provide feedback and brainstorm ideas to support your student’s CRTC experience
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