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CRTC Postsecondary Partners

Career and Technical Education programs are developed and maintained through a collaboration with industry and postsecondary partners to ensure that program content is relevant and up to date with current industry standards and local employment opportunities.

Our Postsecondary partners collaborate with CRTC teachers and leadership to:

  • Develop and maintain dual- and concurrent-enrollment courses to meet postsecondary standards and requirements
  • Serve on our Program Advisory Committees, which meet twice during the school year to refine program content to align with current industry trends, standards and opportunities
  • Coordinate with our teachers to offer on-campus tours and tangible connections to specific degree programs to help students gain a greater understanding of their postsecondary options
  • Attend our regional meetings to provide input and information that feeds our continual improvement programs

CRTC Postsecondary Partners include:

Lakes Region Community College

Southern New Hampshire University

University of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Technical Institute

Manchester Community College

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