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Self-Transportation Procedure for Students

Students who choose to drive themselves to CRTC from either their home or home school are eligible to request self-transportation reimbursement. There are currently two categories for self-transportation:

  • Self-transporting due to COVID-related reasons to be reimbursed at $.25 per mile by your home school
  • Self-transporting for specific program-related reasons( ie: Emergency Services students who take off-site courses or training) 


Please check with the CRTC office for specific details.


Students who are self-transporting should follow these steps:

  1. Notify their home school district that they are driving themselves to and from the CRTC in their own vehicle
  2. Fill out the required survey for CRTC, which can be found here: CRTC Driving Survey for students
  3. Carefully track all self-transportation mileage in a daily travel log
  4. Turn in the completed log to the CRTC office after each semester 
    1. For semester one, log submission is required by March 31 
    2. For semester two, log submission is required by June 11 

The log can be found at this link: 2021 CRTC Travel Log, which should be printed for use throughout the year

Receiving Payment

Once the daily travel log has been received by the CRTC Office and confirmed to be accurate, we pass that information along to the NH Dept of Education. The NHDOE reviews the information and makes reimbursement payments to the student’s home school district, who will, in turn, reimburse the student. This is not a rapid process, however, as payments typically are not made until the December of the following school year (timing is determined by the home school district).

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