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Student Endorsements

Sean Lover

Education & Behavioral Science

Bow High School, Class of 2021

“I want to be a psychologist, and the Education and Behavioral Science program will give me the foundational skills and knowledge I’ll need to be successful in college and beyond. My parents love it because I can earn 16 college credits while exploring a career pathway I’m passionate about.”

Jillian Hurley


Pembroke Academy, Class of 2021

“Everybody joined this CRTC program for a reason, and we all work so hard to discover where we want to go in our careers and our lives. The Cosmetology program has enabled me to grow so much, and I am so glad I decided to join this class.”

Jessica Hoyt

Automotive Technology

Concord High School, Class of 2021

“My favorite thing about CRTC is that we get an experience almost identical to the one we’ll face in the real world. We learn theory in the classroom and get hands-on time in the shop, and everything being done helps us to be more confident and ready for life after high school.”

Marion Bradbury

Computer Engineering

Kearsarge Regional High School, Class of 2021

“For me, CRTC is a game changer. I dreaded coming to school and sitting in class doing the same things every day. But in my Computer Engineering program I get to apply what I am learning and connect those lessons to a career path that I’m excited about. I went from having to go to school to wanting to go to school.”

Kyle Hill

Health Science

Concord High School, Class of 2020

“My parents think it’s great that I’m in a program that really helped me to decide what I want to do for a career. It’s huge that you get to do college courses and earn an EMT or LNA certificate while still in high school because it gives you a chance to really stand out against other students applying for college. I have a lot of friends who still don’t know what they want to do after high school … it’s a real stress reliever to know that I will graduate both knowing what I want to do and having a plan in place to get it done.”

Madison Jones

Criminal Justice

Hillsboro-Deering High School Class of 2020

“Attending the CRTC is by far the best decision I’ve made in high school because it’s given me such a leg up on my college and career plans. I love how the teachers come from industry and how they bring that experience into the classroom, making the lessons a lot more authentic and connecting us to professionals in this career field.”

Katrina Allen

Health Science

Concord High School, Class of 2020

“CRTC will help me to stand out from other high school graduates when colleges look at my application. They will see that I have already earned college credits and have gained career experience outside of school, and that will show them that I have the grit and perseverance as well as the passion to work hard and make a difference.”

Erin Reed

Criminal Justice

Homeschooled, Class of 2019

“I came to CRTC because I wanted a chance to learn all about the different parts and career choices within the Criminal Justice system. Here I’m able to learn about and try out a career in high school, plus get college credits for doing it!”

Lauren Porter


Bow High School, Class of 2019

“I enrolled in the CRTC Cosmetology Program because I know it’s something I want to do for my career. This program helps me to gain a head start in learning how to work with the public and develop a professional image. The lessons I learn at the CRTC will help me for the rest of my life, even beyond college.”

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