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The CRTC Advantage

CRTC students attain a level of college and career readiness that prepares them to successfully navigate the demanding and rapidly evolving 21st century economy.

The CRTC’s 12 Career Pathway programs integrate rigorous academic instruction into the teaching of technical and employability skills, helping students to jumpstart their college and career plans by taking a more strategic approach to their high school education.The CRTC’s Career and Technical Education programs are a huge advantage to high school students who will face some big life decisions come senior year. Nationwide:

  • 80% of CTE students say CTE classes helped them “know where they’re headed”
  • More than 78% of CTE students go on to college after graduation.

CRTC’s 21st Century Career Pathway Programs

Prepare Students For Success by Connecting Classroom Lessons to Career Ambitions

  • Project-based curriculum focused on practical experience
  • Job shadows, internships, worked-based learning
  • Employability skills and development of work-ready ethics and values
  • Career Pathway guidance and postsecondary education planning

Provide Students With The Tools to Succeed

  • Modern facilities with industrial-grade tools and equipment
  • Accomplished instructors who have proven themselves in their respective fields
  • Industry and community reference and networking contacts
  • Leadership and skill development through state and national co-curricular organizations (CTSOs)

Propel Students Down Career Pathways

  • Develop a strategic approach to education, career choice and readiness
  • Collect college credits that jumpstart postsecondary pathways
  • Earn industry-recognized certifications and licensing hours
  • Gain authentic, career-focused education and experience while still in high school

CRTC students are enrolled in both their home high school and at the technical education center, and must meet all their high school’s requirements for graduation.

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