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What is a Career and Technical Education program?

A CTE program is a multi-semester instructional program delivered by a CTE center that provides specific, career education in one of a number of career pathways aligned with current and future employment needs.

Program competencies are developed through a collaboration between various stakeholders, including educators and industry partners, and reflect what a student should know to be prepared for the full range of opportunities within that career field.

CTE programs can provide students with a chance to earn college credits and industry training hours and credentials, as well as the opportunity to participate in meaningful work-based learning experiences, such as internships and externships.

CRTC Career Pathway Programs

  • The CRTC enrolls about 750 Concord region students in 12 Career Pathway programs
  • Programs are open to 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students, who sign up or apply in the spring semester of the previous school year
  • Home schooled, private school and public charter school students also are eligible to participate for free in CRTC programs
  • Interested students should see their school counselor for more specific details, or contact the CRTC directly.

What you should know about CRTC programs

  • CRTC students are enrolled in both their home high school and at the technical education center, and must meet all of their high school’s requirements for graduation
  • Students spend part of each school day at the CRTC. Transportation for sending school students is provided at no charge
  • Students are accepted into the first year of these two-year programs based on their application. However, students must be invited back to participate in the second year, based on their first year grades and performance
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