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CRTC Career Communications

Earn English credits while sharpening your professional communication skills!

If you’ve enjoyed the relevance and real-world aspects of your CRTC classes, then why not carry that into a customized English class that targets your specific career interests and ambitions. Upgrade your literacy skills to be more workplace-ready and, in doing so, further enhance your college and career readiness. The CRTC Career Communications class is available to all CRTC students for high school English credit once they’ve completed one semester with us.

In CRTC Career Communications:

  • Students learn to read and digest professional articles and journals
  • Students practice public speaking, running meetings, and writing everything from work orders and job evaluations to emails and business letters
  • Students can earn a full high school English credit by adding an ELO element to the class where they get involved in more extensive job shadows and work visitations

Talk to your school counselor or CRTC teacher today to learn how you can upgrade your high school English experience!

For more information:

  • Talk to your CRTC teacher
  • Ask in the CRTC office
  • eMail CRTC English teacher Ms. York at
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