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Community Connections

CRTC operates several fully functioning, authentic businesses as part of its programs. All business organizations offer valuable products and services to outside customers. Moreover, all products and services are furnished by CRTC students, with instructor mentoring.

In the classes and labs of the CRTC students learn the direct skills needed for success in their chosen discipline. However, through their experiences working within these businesses students are able to enhance their skill set by:

  • developing an understanding and focus upon customer service.
  • interacting professionally with real customers.
  • experiencing the financial, retailing, and other business management aspects of authentic business organizations.

Regardless of the program, our businesses are certain to provide valuable experiences and skills for CRTC students applicable to any discipline or professional pursuit, whether it is:

  • diagnosing and repairing a malfunctioning car, or computer (Auto Tech and Info Tech).
  • designing and building a custom shed to the customer’s specifications and budget (Construction Tech).
  • working with all aspects of a restaurant business from menu design, waiting tables, food preparation, etc. (Culinary Arts, Crimson Cafe).
  • consulting and planning with clients regarding their cosmetology needs and desires, then executing those plans, (Cosmetology, Crimson Creations).
  • working with preschool children, their parents, colleagues, and mentors in a daycare facility, (Teacher Prep, Crimson Tide Preschool)

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