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Customize Your Schedule to Match College and Career Goals

CRTC+ puts you in charge of building the kind of senior year that will give you a head start on your college and career plans. While you remain a full-time high school student (with all associated privileges), we work with you to create a customized schedule that goes beyond your mainstream high school by attending on-campus college classes and/or engaging in deep work-based learning experiences. CRTC+ students gain an unmistakable sense of pride, purpose and maturity by taking control of their education and career development.

“I enjoy the hands-on electrical, plumbing and welding jobs we do in Construction Trades, but I also wanted to learn more about the HVAC industry. CRTC+ allows me to do that.”
– CRTC+ student Braden McAlpine, Construction Trades, Pembroke Academy Class of 2022

Olivia Anderson
LRCC – Emergency Services – Fire Science

Josh Blye
MCC – Construction Trades – Welding Technologies

Carter Haywood
Minery – NHTI – Graphic Design and Creative Media

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