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Emergency Services

Program Highlights

In our Emergency Services (ES) Program you will:

  • Build the foundation for a career as a first responder to medical, fire and other emergency situations
  • Dive into both emergency medical and fire response training, learning daily from active career professionals in your first year of this two-year program
  • Be able to earn an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) certificate, and potentially some fire training certificates through testing and after classroom and online training
  • Have the option in ES II to earn your EMT certificate in our Health Science II class, or earn your Firefighter I certificate by taking an off-site, non-high school course—with our support and mentorship—through a local fire department, LRCC or the NH Fire Academy 


  • ES1 involves some meetings outside of the normal class day in order to facilitate more complex practical exercises at the state Fire Academy and Concord’s training site, as well as emergency medicine ride-alongs
  • ES2 Firefighter I certificate option requires more time outside the school day

ES II: Not A Typical Transition

Moving on from Emergency Services I into ES II is not a typical experience for our students, as most second year education and training opportunities are offered off-site. What is the same, however, is that students must earn their way from our Level I to our Level II courses, and enrollment is not guaranteed.  The following memos will help you better understand and prepare for that process.

What You Can Learn

Emergency Medical Skills and Procedures // CPR/First Aid // Disaster Response // NH EMT Scope of Practice Modules // Search & Rescue // Structural Firefighting // Wildland Firefighting

What You Can Become

(with additional education and training)
Arson Investigator // Firefighter (must also have completed Firefighter I/II) // HazMat Tech // Wildland Firefighter // Emergency Medical Responder // Emergency Medical Technician // Paramedic // Military // Urgent Care Technician

What You Can Earn

3 Credits for 1 College Course in This Pathway // EMT Certificate (second year) // First Aid/CPR Certificate // Firefighter I Certificate (second year) // Hazardous Materials Awareness/Operations Certificate // Wildland Certification

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